Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers. Light Your Fire Women's Circles are a safe and gentle space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together and explore the the areas of their life that are craving fulfillment. Although our gatherings primary purpose is to honor what is most alive for the women in the circle below is an overview of some of the topics we embrace on the journey.

Journey:  8 Weeks
Gathering Duration: 2hrs (approx)
Frequency: Weekly
Participants: 6-10
*Each gathering women are joined by a Special Guest Expert

Week 1


This week we will unlock our respective stories and take a journey to understanding the gifts that live within.

Week 2

Self Acceptance

This week is about and bringing awareness to ourselves. We dive deep into accepting the amazing woman you truly are.

Week 3

Healthy Relationships

This week is filled with tools for rising above the pressures and stress we put on ourselves from our families, friends and career.

Week 4

Setting Boundaries

This week we build clarity on professional fulfillment. From identifying your specific achievements to setting healthy boundaries we will explore what is available to you beyond your borders.

Week 5


This week we will dive into vision development. We will discuss the importance of identifying the resources and relationships that are necessary for significant achievement and attainment.

Week 6

Clarity 2.0

This week we will be re-capping Week 5 sharing What your vision is, how you went about your research and what you have committed to. We will discuss any challenges you may be having and ensure we have clarity with our vision.

Week 7


This week we will discuss communication and obedience to the voice of your inner goddess. You will garner tools and techniques for trusting yourself and feeding the vision for your life.

Week 8


Our circle will gather to explore and express our gratitude and celebrate our collective progress . Each circle having its unique essence the women will be invited to participant in a dynamic ceremonial commencement.

You have everything it takes to make all of this happen!


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