take back control of your life

I help clients overcome fear and self-doubt so they can set meaningful goals and create life on their terms. 


I help women become empowered and transform their life

Founder of Light Your Fire Coaching, Karina Barrett is a women’s life and business coach located in Albany, Australia.

It’s her mission and greatest honour to support women who are in a personal or professional transition and are seeking guidance towards a purpose driven life.


Ways I can Support You

Giving you the tools and support to become the best version of yourself so you can LIVE your dream life.


Spa & Beauty treatments

Placing importance on your physical self is just as important to your mental health. This is why myself and my husband Mark opened a Beauty Spa in Albany, WA

Come and see me and the team for an in person pamper session. 


Not just an event but an experience

Women of dissimilar cultural and career backgrounds gather in a safe, non judgmental space to participate in heartfelt and healing conversation.

If you are seeking an environment where you can build healthy relationships with local women, we invite you to click the link below and join our next event.

Next events: 

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28 day Mindfulness Journey

Creating positive daily habits with small changes to your life allowing you to create a different mindset, and start your days with intention.

This 28 day program will give you the tools to change your mindset. To claim your own power, create the time for yourself, and nurture your soul allowing you to be your authentic self and fill your cup.  


12 week self-love journey

Learning ‘self-love’ & ‘mindfulness’ will enable you to start living from love instead of fear.

Light Your Fire will allow you to go deep within yourself and uncover your fears, uncover your beliefs and allow you to change your mindset!

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Single or Monthly 1:1 Sessions

Become a Woman who is Super, not Superwoman.

My intention when working 1:1 with any woman is to guide you back into alignment and gift you with tools for and empowerment and purpose driven life.

Private EFT Sessions also available.