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This program is the missing link and a stepping stone to your Emotional, Nutritional, and Physical wellness.

Day Hour Minute Second $597* UPFRONT – SIGN UP NOW $199* x3 (PAYMENT PLAN) – SIGN UP NOW * AUD. Plus 3% payment processing fee LEARN MORE Self-love, Health and Movement all work hand in hand if you want to create new habits and take care of yourself daily, nourishing your body correctly and keeping active as a complete lifestyle change.  This program is for women who would like expert guidance, with the added bonus of support and encouragement from a group of like-minded women. Each and every one of you being ready and committed to learning how to have Self-love, Health and Movement become part of your daily life. Perhaps you have struggled for years on your own trying to make changes but you lack the motivation to achieve your goals. Maybe you have suffered a health crisis and it has made you determined to avoid a similar experience in the future. Whatever the situation, this program will help you to improve your life, and make new friends in the process.   We all want to live our best life.  By improving our emotional health, improving our gut health and nutritional intake and improving how much movement we bring into our lives on a daily basis we can create the life we truly desire and start becoming the best version of ourselves. By the end of this journey you will notice a huge difference in your mindset, your confidence, your nutritional and physical health. This is a safe space for women to share their stories, to be heard and to be supported with no judgement or bias.  Please invite your friends into this group to meet like minded women who are ready to start to transform their lives.



Learn self-love and how to reprogram your mindset by learning tools to start releasing emotional pain that has been holding you back from being the best version of yourself.


Learn how to nourish and support your body with better brain and gut health and improve your health for you and  your family.


Learn how to include exercise into your daily habits and achieve an active lifestyle, to move better and to feel better.


Learning that you are the most important person in your life and filling your cup first, emotionally, nutritionally and physically will allow you to gain your confidence back, will create more space for positivity, release old beliefs and patterns, give you clarity, have more energy and lift your energetic vibrations. 



Group Coaching

3 x Live Facebook Sessions per week, each day focusing on a different key area. Tuesdays will be Self-love, Wednesdays will be Health and Thursday will be Movement.


During the program you will receive guidance and accountability from all 3 coaches via FB group.

1:1 Support

Prior to starting the program, you will receive a 15 min private session with each coach to determine where you are at for your Self-love, Health and Movement/Exercise Regime.


At the completion of the program you will receive a 15 min private session with each coach to discuss your journey, receive an extra guidance and put a plan in place for you to walk away with.



1 x Group Zoom session to allow participants to ask questions and get to know each other.


Access to a closed/private Facebook group where you can build connections with the other particiapnts and receive extra tips and tricks to suuport you through your journey. 



At the end of the program you will be eligible to receive a special discounted offer from each Coach for one of their programs if you decide to continue with more specialised coaching in one (or all) of the three areas.



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Karina Barrett


Karina Barrett is a women’s empowerment and EFT coach/facilitator located in Albany, Western Australia. Before stepping in the healing arts to empower women worldwide she first begin a journey of her very own.


Growing up in a house where domestic violence was present Karina married at 21 and the relationship was a repeated cycle. Following 3 children at 36 years old she felt lost without a sense of direction or identity and finally had the courage to leave her toxic relationship.  Karina spent the better half of her life battling abuse, anxiety and OCD but made the decision to CHANGE the path she was on. Fast Forward she is now a mother of 6, grandmother of 3, remarried and has raised a blended family.


Karina is passionate and committed about supporting women who, like she was, are ready to change their lives, who want to live a purposeful life, to be heard and to live the life every woman deserves! It is her mission to support women globally to love and accept who they are inside and out, to have a voice, to live their life to the fullest and create their own amazing life, just like she did!


Dani Catania


Dani Catania is an authority on health, performance and ultimate wellness. She is a trusted and recognised clinical and performance dietitian, with over 14 years of experience. She’s passionate about helping busy women break through weight loss and health plateaus, transform their body and their relationship with food, and prides herself on her evidence-based, whole-picture approach.


Dani’s journey began in her inner-city private practice clinics, where women came to see her after being stuck in a weight loss plateau. After the Nutrition 101 teachings were falling short of the mark, Dani looked to other factors that influence metabolism and saw incredible results with her revolutionary new system.


Dani’s teachings have helped thousands of women across the globe, to break through their weight loss barriers and redefine their understanding of complete health. As a sought-after mentor, speaker and influencer, she is the secret weapon behind hundreds of women’s health transformations.

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Núria Riu Caballol


Núria Riu Caballol’s fitness background began in team sports including soccer where the passion prompted her to undertake a sports science university degree. This lead to an amazing opportunity spending 1 year in London doing a strength and rehab internship with Chelsea Ladies Football Club.


Núria’s philosophy on health is about achieving a balanced lifestyle with sustainable exercise and nutrition habits. She believes if our society was more active we could reduce many illnesses, physical and mental, and improve our lives.


Núria promotes exercise performed under professional supervision where technical corrections are far more beneficial and her aim is to help you to move better, to improve and reach your goals, and to achieve it in a friendly & positive environment.


Núria’s motto is… “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

$597* UPFRONT – SIGN UP NOW Self-love Health & Movement program logo icon only $199* x3 PAY PLAN – SIGN UP NOW

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”

– Buddha