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21 day online program




Learn why they are important to introduce into your life and how they make a real difference.

Learning SELF-LOVE and MINDFULNESS will enable you to start living from Love instead of Fear.

We live in a really busy world, not making ourselves a priority. Always depleting our cup and never really making the time to refill it.


SELF-LOVE is, I believe, the basis of living the life you truly desire. Being truly happy comes from within. Nurturing our body, our mind and our soul is what will create abundance and happiness in our lives.


In our 21 days together, you will learn Self-love Rituals to Ignite your Soul.


Creating these positive daily habits will enable you to make small changes to you and teach you the importance of self-love and rituals. You will start to create a different mindset, start your day with Intention and start to form new patterns and habits.

Karina Barrett Online Coaching self-love
Karina Barrett Online Coaching

This program will allow you to go deep within yourself and uncover your fears, uncover your beliefs and allow you to change your mindset!


How do you start your day?


With positivity and excitement? Or, with negativity and dread?

Do you want your life to change however you don't know how to change it?



·       Do you check your phone first thing to see how much you have on for the day?

·       Do you wish you could shift your mindset from negativity?

·       Do you find yourself never achieving the thing you set out to do?

Answer YES to any of the above?

Then this program is for you!

The Self-love Rituals To Ignite Your Soul Online Program was created to help you to reconnect with yourself in a mindful way. This 21 day program will give you the tools to claim your own power, to create the time for yourself, and to nurture your soul allowing you to be your authentic self and fill your cup.  Spending this 21 days taking a few moments out for you will support you to start loving and accepting the beautiful woman you are and teach you easy ways to start your day with positive intentions.

We all live in a really busy world doing one thing to get to the next thing.  Always running and doing and never stopping and being.  Being is what is required to get out of your head and into your heart space and allow a few moments for you to learn to be in the present moment, relax, be and allow time for you.


 This online program is open to an intimate group of 10 ladies who are ready to say HELL YES to themselves!

Who are ready to shift their mindset and get into alignment to create changes in their mindset and life.

INVESTMENT - special offer of only $99 (usually $297)


I invite you to...

- STOP putting your life on hold -

- STOP waiting for the right time -

- STOP waiting for when you aren't so busy -

- STOP waiting to feel happier -

That time will NEVER arrive unless you put in the work first.


I know this because those excuses used to be mine.

That fear was mine. That hesitation was mine. 

But you know what?

Since I made the choice to ACT instead of stopping. My life has completely transformed. I am happier. I am in control. I am free.

And I want the same for YOU.

I am really excited to join you on this journey!


At the end of the 21 days you will...

Have fantastic rituals to support you with self-love.

Know how to set yourself up for success in your business and life.

Set intentions to create more possibility and love into your life.


Karina Barrett Testimonial - Penny

“Karina helped me manage my many years of anxiety issues. Before reaching out to Karina I found it hard to get out of my own 4 walls, I felt safer in my own home. Simple tasks, for others like food shopping, socialising, answering phone calls or travel was very hard for me. I am proud to say with the amazing tools Karina bestowed on me and after completing her "Light Your Fire" 8 week online program I have accomplished so much more. I am concurring my anxiety & fears one by one. The tools I have learnt are amazing and help guide me through life's challenges. Karina came into my life and helped me in so many areas to better myself. Just priceless - you can not put a price to this!

I am now able to do a food shop without having a panic attack, feeling sick, getting the shakes or going dizzy, approaching people and talking to them with ease. Driving more and more each day even driving up to 3 hours which is amazing for me. Going on my first overseas holiday and actually being able to truly enjoy myself for the first time. This was because I was able to use the tools Karina had taught me including EFT tapping and breathing techniques.

I did the course with 7 other amazing women whom I am so proud to call my friends now. We had some sad times, funny times and most of all we created a very special bond and learned so many amazing tools. If you are wanting to move through challenges in your life, I would highly recommend Karina as your coach, her courses are simply awesome. I am so forever grateful for Karina (sister). My life is changing for the better in all directions. Moving forward. Loving life."

- Penny

Karina Barret Testimonial - Karen

"Karina is my life coach + I've have had the privilege of doing her 8 week Light Your Fire online program! What I love about Karina is her passion, her honesty and above all else is that she really cares about you as a person whether you're doing a one on one session or in group environment! Karina has changed my life with teachings, guidance and heartfelt friendship. Grateful and blessed to have her in my life."

- Karen

Karina Barrett Testimonial - Jocelyn

"Karina's 8 week Light Your Fire online program has been life changing for me.

I feel I have gained lots from this coaching program, because it has allowed me to make peace with my past. Making peace with my past has made me make better decisions now, and I feel into the future."

- Jocelyn


I am a women’s empowerment and EFT coach/facilitator located in Albany, Western Australia. Before stepping in the healing arts to empower women worldwide I had to first begin a journey of my very own.

Growing up in a house where domestic violence was present I married at 21 and the relationship was a repeated cycle. I had 3 children and at 36 years old I felt lost without a sense of direction or identity and finally had the courage to leave the Relationship.  I spent the better half of my life battling abuse, anxiety and OCD but made the decision to CHANGE the path I was on. Fast Forward a few years and I am now a mother of 6, grandmother of 3, remarried and have raised a blended family with my loving husband Mark.

I am passionate and committed about supporting women who, like I was, are ready to change their lives, who want to live a purposeful life, to be heard and to live the life every Woman deserves! It is my mission to support Women Globally to love and accept who they are inside and out, to have a voice and to live their life to the fullest.

I can now say I live my life with so much more Love and Less Fear!  My heart is full of gratitude and my soul is full of love!  I choose to have a career that absolutely does LIGHT MY FIRE and I am so passionate and committed to support women to create their own amazing life!

Karina Barrett


If this is something that you want to know more about and are committed and ready to take the next step to be part of this amazing group then I would like to gift you a 30 min discovery strategy call! During this chat together I will find out what you are ready to work through and how this program will support you on your journey!